Passing the torch

Matt’s Guitar Shop’s showroom has already had a few illustrious visitors, but no one of them was more important than the gentleman who came on March the 19th. André Duchossoir, the unforgettable author of Gibson Electrics (1936 - 1961), was invited to a double interview along with Matthieu Lucas, which will be published in the next issue of the Guitare Xtreme magazine.

Duchossoir is one of the greatest guitar historians in the world, and he has always been an authority in that domain. He was the first to study the history of the main brands, and his book are true Bibles for the most comprehensive and demanding specialists. He is without a doubt the most famous French person among guitar geeks worldwide.

His arrival at the showroom is a very strong symbol, since he does not usually visit music stores, especially in France, and it took the genius idea of journalist and guitarist Ludovic Egraz to make the meeting a reality. This exchange between those two enthusiasts is the exchange between two generations so far apart yet so close in their love for the instrument and their demanding approach to historical fact. Matt’s generation is trying really hard to relay André’s huge legacy, and mister Duchossoir has apparently really enjoyed the showroom’s calm and class. Coming soon to a kiosk near you.

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