Between legend and technical feat: iconic double-neck guitars are coming!

Is there anything more stunning and impressive than double-necked guitars? From Jimmy Page to Don Felder, two of Gibson's iconic guitars are about to arrive.

It takes panache, daring and talent to tackle a song on a double-necked guitar. Logically enough, in the hands of virtuoso innovator Jimmy Page, this exuberant and astonishing lutherie creation has established itself alongside the guitar hero mythos. These guitars were designed for their sonic qualities over a single song, allowing the guitarist to play a twelve-string guitar (upper neck) for accompaniment and arpeggio, and a six-string guitar (lower neck) for solos without changing instruments.

Made legendary by talented guitarists, double-necked guitars are as rare as they are difficult to master. Two names are enough to understand the character of those who tried their hand at them: Jimmy Page and Don Felder. Two double-neck guitars based on these guitarists are about to arrive at Matt's Guitar Shop.

The most famous double-necked guitar is undoubtedly Jimmy Page's cherry finish Gibson EDS-1275. This is the guitar that served Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven', and established Page's reputation as a remarkable musician. While Gibson stopped making this model in 1968, it was Jimmy Page who got Gibson to make a new double neck in 1971. The double neck we're about to receive is one of the most coveted limited editions of recent years: it's an exact replica of Jimmy Page's EDS-1275 by the Gibson Custom Shop. It's part of a limited edition of 25 guitars worldwide, all played and signed by Jimmy Page himself. Released in 2007, this series was a reminder of the quality of these instruments, and the extraordinary character of these guitars.

Inspired by Jimmy Page and his deep-red, double-necked guitar, Don Felder - the Eagles' composer and guitarist - grabbed a Gibson EDS-1275 to compose and perform the ballad 'Hotel California'. The guitar solo on this song was voted "best guitar solo ever" by Guitarist Magazine. His immaculate white guitar is a fine example of the diverse possibilities offered by this instrument. Don Felder customized his double neck by removing one of the potentiometers and replacing it with a second output, enabling him to send the signal to two amplifiers. It's an exact replica of this iconic white guitar that arrives at Matt's Guitar Shop. The Gibson Custom Shop Don Felder 'Hotel California' EDS-1275 is part of a limited series of 50 guitars signed by Don Felder, reviving the heyday of this historic hit.

Discover these two beautiful limited editions of the iconic Gibson EDS-1275 double-neck guitar, crafted by two great guitarists, Jimmy Page and Don Felder, at Matt's Guitar Shop!

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