Johnny Hallyday, six years on: an icon celebrated at Matt's Guitar Shop

A symbol of French rock and a singer with an inimitable voice, Johnny Hallyday has crossed the ages and generations to become an icon.

On the occasion of the six-year anniversary of his death, discover two witnesses to his illustrious career: a spectacular photograph taken by Bruno Ducourant in 1971, and the emblematic White Falcon that the Taulier played on stage between 1976 and 1978.

In concert at the Palais des Sports in Paris in October 1971, Johnny emphasised his powerful sound. For two years, he had been setting the hard trend for Anglo-Saxon rock and blues in France. Long and lanky, in studded jeans and shoulder-length hair, he screams at a thousand miles an hour about his generation's discontent with life, backed by a sound system cranked up to the max. Bruno Ducourant was on hand in the packed auditorium to capture the moment with his trademark keen eye. Check out this photo of a focused Johnny in a shiny jacket in the art department at Matt's Guitar Shop!

You can also see the legendary White Falcon that Johnny played on stage in the late 1970s before giving it to Rick Parfitt from Status Quo. A passionate fan of American culture, the 'French Elvis', as some have called him, incorporated elements straight from the States into his playing style. This White Falcon is direct evidence of this, as he so cherished this particular model of guitar. 

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