Guitars by Matthias Jabs (Scorpions): discover the emblem of German hard rock!

Working with artists we admire is always an incredible opportunity. This time, it was with Matthias Jabs - the legendary guitarist from Scorpions - that we had the honour of working with. Discover his guitars at Matt's Guitar Shop!

When it comes to the greatest rock bands of recent decades, Scorpions are among the names that stand out the most. The Germans are one of the few European bands to have conquered the heavy metal planet. Formed in 1965, they have sold over 22 million albums, thanks in part to their hits 'Still Loving You', 'Wind of Change' and 'Rock You Like a Hurricane'.

When he joined the band in 1979, Matthias Jabs became the lead guitarist and quickly established himself in the band, which he has remained ever since. His speed, skill and guitar playing helped create the sound that made Scorpions one of the most popular rock bands in the world in the 1980s. We had the pleasure of working with him to sell part of his guitar collection, which he had carefully guarded for many years.

From his Korina Explorer, made for him in the early 1990s and played on all the major stages, to his Explorer Silver Sparkle Custom Shop, made especially for him, and his exceptional 1963 Gibson Everly Brothers, which he had signed by the two brothers in 1995, this is an exceptional collection!

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