Matt's Guitar Shop on the cover of Guitar Magazine!

Some guitarists take years to find themselves on the cover of specialist magazines. It took a lot of passion, patience and enthusiasm for Matt's Guitar Shop!

It has to be said that, with the prospect of putting the beautiful Burst Spot on their February 2019 cover, the editorial team at British magazine Guitar Magazine didn't have to think too long. A twenty-page article details the day the magazine team spent with Matt and looks back at some of the particularly striking pieces in the collection, including Jeff Buckley's Telecaster, Jimi Hendrix's Stratocaster and Noel Gallagher's Orange amp. The photos are superb and were taken especially for the occasion.

With so much space devoted to Matt's Guitar Shop, France has made a stunning entry into the world of collecting our favourite instrument, and that's good news for everyone! This issue of Guitar Magazine is available from newsagents in English-speaking countries, or simply from their website. You'll easily recognise the cover, which features a beautiful Burst with two double whites.

Guitar Magazine - February 2019 

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