Jeff Buckley’s Telecaster back on stage at the Olympia 24 years after

On December 9, 2019, 24 years after Jeff Buckley's Olympia live recording, his legendary Fender Telecaster was back on stage. The Matt's Guitar Shop decided to bring the guitar back where Jeff's historic live album was recorded, a way of reconnecting with history.

When Jeff Buckley picked up his blond Telecaster on stage at the Olympia in July 1995, it simply accompanied the angelic voice of its illustrious owner. Some 24 years later, when Myles Kennedy of the American band Alter Bridge picked it up at the invitation of Matt's Guitar Shop, the guitar was surrounded by a unique aura and a moving grain that fate had reinforced. 

The emotion was overwhelming, that evening of December 9, 2019, when Myles Kennedy began the first notes of Hallelujah on the Olympia stage with Jeff Buckley's mythical Telecaster. It was the first time the song had been played on the same guitar in public since Jeff. We were particularly keen to bring this guitar back to life on stage, as it is surrounded by such a moving veil. As it passed through the shop, we felt it essential to share its destiny as widely as possible. That December evening, we succeeded.

The Olympia stage, Hallelujah, that guitar, 24 years later... it was a moment we'll never forget!


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