Johnny Hallyday's White Falcon: a piece of French music history at Matt's Guitar Shop!

He was the undisputed master of French rock, uniting entire generations behind a single name. Discover Johnny Hallyday's first White Falcon guitar!

A few months after the arrival of the collection of instruments belonging to Robin le Mesurier, Johnny's guitarist and right-hand man for over 20 years, we are delighted to welcome a Johnny Hallyday guitar. This guitar was one of Johnny's two main guitars in the late 1970s. As such, it features in a number of video recordings and photos taken at the time on stages all over France, as well as in the photo book Johnny: ses concerts, sa plus belle histoire d'amour by photographer Michel Leclercq.

Among the guitars that have gone down in history, this Gretsch White Falcon occupies a very special place. It was Johnny Hallyday's, and he took it all over France between 1976 and 1978. A great fan of the United States, Johnny bought this big-bodied guitar in 1975 as part of his stage set, which at the time was very much inspired by his American idols. It's hard not to think of his nickname, French Elvis, when you see these images of Johnny on stage, guitar in hand! 

Over the years, the White Falcon has taken on a special importance in Johnny Hallyday's career. This immaculate white guitar with its big body became one of his iconic models, with the American brand Gretsch going so far as to make and give him a personalised copy for his 69th birthday (stolen in 2012). The one available in Matt's Guitar Shop is probably the first guitar of this model that Johnny bought, owned and played. Known for his great generosity, Johnny later gave this guitar to Rick Parfitt of Status Quo, who enjoyed playing it backstage and at soundchecks. This historic instrument is now available from Matt's Guitar Shop!


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