Chuck Berry's guitar is back in action thanks to Lenny Kravitz!

The big comeback of Lenny Kravitz has just been announced with the very funky TK421... and with Chuck Berry's Firebird that Lenny plays in the clip!

As our friend Lenny Kravitz has just announced his comeback with the single TK421 and the album “Blue Electric Light”, due out in March, we were surprised to see Chuck Berry's Firebird featured prominently in the video! We knew that Lenny was a great admirer of the rock icons of the second half of the twentieth century, from James Brown to Jimi Hendrix, so this loan was a barely concealed tribute to Chuck Berry. We wanted to put this exceptional guitar back in the spotlight. And what better way to do it than with this very surprising clip!

Lenny Kravitz called on the talented Tanu Muino for this highly subversive clip shot in the privacy of his Paris home. From his bathroom to his bedroom, Lenny performs a number of acrobatic tricks before picking up the Firebird played by Chuck Berry in 1972... A lovely tribute to the rock'n'roll pioneer.


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