Renaud and his guitars at Matt’s Guitar Shop

Among the great figures of French chanson is Renaud, a singer with a hoarse voice and an endearing gaze. It was an honor to welcome him and his guitar collection to Matt's Guitar Shop.

It's hard to sum up Renaud's importance in French music. Since the 1970s, the committed rocker, the Parisian titi, the sailor with the husky voice has touched French audiences with his ballads and moving lyrics. Blending slang and poetry, his sometimes militant songs are as much a part of France's musical heritage as his eternal red bandana and piercing blue eyes.

It was a huge honour to be able to work directly with Renaud and his entourage to receive a large part of his collection of instruments. Over the years, these instruments have built up a very rich heritage and have helped to shape the image of the singer so much loved by the French. From the Lag played on stage at the Fête de l'Humanité in 1984 to the Rickenbacker from the Olympia 2000, these guitars tell a touching and moving story, that of Renaud and France. He also came to the showroom to talk about the history of these instruments. An intense moment at Matt's Guitar Shop!


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