In Burst We Trust

Vic DaPra has always been obsessed with Bursts. He got into vintage Gibsons in the seventies, at a time when they weren’t even called vintage yet. He became the worldwide expert on the Les Paul Standard sunburst made between 1958 and 1960, so much so that Gibson calls up on him when they need help with their own history or to be part of any tricky reissue project.

DaPra is also the man behind the Burst Believers series of coffee table books, three volumes filled with superb pictures of Bursts with their more or less famous owners. Those books are a priceless source of information and show how much this famous guitar still fascinates guitar geeks.

It was only logical that DaPra would get in touch with the current owner of Spot, the 59 Les Paul with the serial number 9-1688 which owes its nickname to the beautiful red spot on the top. Therefore, Matt Lucas is featured in the latest installment of the series, Burst Believers IV, which came out in January 2019. You can easily imagine how proud the whole team is, even more so given the fact that Matt is the first French collector to be featured in the book.

Now he just needs to find another Burst to be featured again in volume V!

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