The collection of Robin Le Mesurier, Johnny Hallyday's pillar and right-hand man

It only takes one name to unite generations of French people behind rock: Johnny. But what would Johnny Hallyday be without his loyal musicians? The collection of Robin Le Mesurier, the Taulier's devoted guitarist, can be discovered at Matt's Guitar Shop.

If Johnny Hallyday has become a French icon and a symbol of rock'n'roll in France, it's also thanks to his particular talent for surrounding himself with talented musicians and composers. Robin Le Mesurier joined the Taulier's close guard in 1994, and remained with him until the final tributes to his friend in December 2017. He was the rhythmic pillar of Johnny's concerts, sporadically taking the spotlight and blowing out all the music we love.

With his very English discretion and elegance, Robin Le Mesurier had become Johnny Hallyday's most loyal friend and confidant over the years. An English musician much appreciated by his peers, he played with Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, then with Rod Stewart before becoming Johnny's guitarist. The two men had developed a sincere friendship over more than twenty years of collaboration. Robin Le Mesurier was present at every one of Johnny's concerts, from the 90s to his most successful tours, including the Champ de Mars and the Stade de France.

The Matt's Guitar Shop is proud to have been able to bring back a significant number of these guitars to France, which remained in the United States after the death of Robin Le Mesurier. These instruments contributed to the legend of Johnny Hallyday, and deserved to be showcased here.

Discovering a guitarist's collection is always a moving step, plunging us into the intimacy of a player. Robin Le Mesurier's collection shows us his habits and inspirations, as he admired Eric Clapton and was particularly fond of Fender models. Robin also used to affectionately rename each of his guitars on his head, as a sign of integration into his inner circle. We are honored to have been able to witness such an important part of French music history at Matt's Guitar Shop. 

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