Craig Ross' collection at Matt's Guitar Shop

As the return of Lenny Kravitz is announced for 2024, Craig Ross has reiterated his confidence in us for the sale of some of his guitars, played around the world for years.

As Lenny Kravitz's comeback gets underway and the heady rhythm of TK421 hits the airwaves, we were proud to receive part of Craig Ross's instrument collection. A true musical pillar and Lenny's right-hand man for over 30 years, Craig is a long-standing friend of Matt's Guitar Shop, and we were delighted to receive some of his guitars for sale.

Carried under the spotlights of the world's greatest stages, these guitars have accompanied years of work sessions, studio sessions and concerts. They bear immediate and exceptional witness to the playing style of Craig Ross, a true virtuoso of the electric guitar.

Craig carefully selected these guitars and tailored them to his needs. He was one of the first to equip his guitars with Spot pickups, the replica pickups of the 1959 Burst nicknamed "Spot" produced by Matt's Guitar Shop. The tops of these guitars are marked by traces of belt buckles and picks. These instruments had been played for years all around the world. Some were illustrated in highly inspired recordings, such as the ES-355 on which Craig Ross plays the solo for Are You Gonna Go My Way at the 2011 AOL Sessions. During these sessions, they reinterpreted their repertoire and revealed their immense talent as composers and performers.

This part of the Craig Ross collection can be discovered at Matt's Guitar Shop. You'll recognize his particular affection for Gibson, and for his two favorite models - the Les Paul and the ES. Among these guitars are two Les Paul Custom Shop 1958 Reissues equipped with Spot pickups, as well as two Gibson Custom Shop ES-355. This collection is an opportunity to look back at Craig Ross's exceptional career and playing habits, as he has become one of the most recognized and respected guitarists on the rock scene.


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