On Saturday November 24th 2018, subscribers to the website La Chaine Guitare were invited to a very special event organized in collaboration with Matt's Guitar Shop: the Vintage afternoon.

The big idea was pretty simple: the guests were treated to an amazing selection of fine guitars from Matt's private collection, and those lucky few were able to see, hear and even touch them.

The selection included Spot, the obvious star of the show and a 59 Burst that used to belong to Joe Bonamassa, Jimi Hendrix's 63 Strat, Bob Dylan's 62 Strat, Paul Kossof's 55 Les Paul Custom, Tal Farlow's Little Red and Signature model prototype, George Harrison's Rickenbacker Capri, Jeff Buckley's Telecaster and David Knopfler's Stratocaster. There was more than enough to delight fans of those legendary guitarists, as well as the most demanding collectors of great vintage pieces. Many touched their first original Burst that very afternoon after years of playing Gibson Custom replicas.

As one of the attendants perfectly summed it up: “it does something to you”.

Video of 2018 Vintage Guitar Afternoon

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