Our guitars in Monceau
We have been looking for the perfect place for a while already, and the quest is finally coming to an end: Matt's Guitar Shop is setting up its showroom in a superb mansion in Paris' 8th arrondissement, right next to the Parc Monceau.

The place has been made to be as cosy and comfortable as can be, right down to a private garden that will allow you to rest your ears between two L Series Stratocasters. From the large living room whose couch will gracefully welcome your acoustic musings to the soundproof room that will allow you to crank up Plexis with a vintage Les Paul, all aspects of our passion are represented.
Matt's Guitar Shop is obviously a store in which you will find a unique collection of instruments that have belonged to the planet's biggest rock stars, but the showroom will also be a dedicated space for exclusive masterclasses.

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