Matt’s Guitar Shop on the cover page!

Most guitarists have to wait for years into their career before they get on the cover of magazines, but it only took Matt’s Guitar Shop a few months!

It probably didn’t take long for the editorial team of UK’s Guitar Magazine to make up their mind and put the beautiful burst Spot on the cover of their february 2019 issue. A twenty-page article tells the story of a day with Matt and the team, and it also describes a few choice pieces of the collection, including Buckley’s Telecaster, Hendrix’s Strat and Noel Gallagher’s Orange. The pictures are superb and have been made especially for the occasion.

With such a large chunk of the magazine dedicated to Matt’s Guitar Shop, France officially becomes a country that matters in the collector’s world, which is good news for everyone. You can get this issue of Guitar Magazine in British kiosks or simply with their iPad app. The cover is instantly recognizable since it features a beautiful burst with two white PAFs.

Guitar Magazine - February 2019 

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