Jeff is back

Those of you who were lucky enough to attend comedian Eric Antoine's performance at the Paris Palais des Sports on December the 5th 2018 have witnessed a historic scene. Imitator Michael Gregorio was among Eric Antoine's guests, and he was as usual backed by guitarist Nicolas Caumon.

When they performed a cover of Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah, Caumon used a 1983 Telecaster, and not just any 1983 Telecaster : Buckley's Telecaster, the very same one that Buckley used for the studio recording of the song, and also the one he played on stage until the end. Before that, the last time that Tele was played on stage was on May the 26th 1996, for Buckley's last show in Memphis, three days only before his drowning. Thanks to Matt's Guitar Shop, this historic instrument has found its way back to the stage. There was no mistaking the chill felt by the Parisian audience. Undoubtedly, a little part of the angelic singer's soul was flying around that night.

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