Guns for hire

If you've already been in touch with the team at Matt's Guitar Shop, you know our philosophy: any guitar, as rare and precious as it may be, was first and foremost made to be played.

Therefore, we offer you the chance to access our private collection for your recordings. Such precious gems as the original Burst Spot or Billy Gibbons' Gretsch are available for hire to accompany your inspiration on tape. On the simple condition that a member of the team should be present for insurance reasons, you can now record a tribute to Jeff Buckley on the master's Telecaster, or a tribute band to AC/DC with Malcolm Young's L6S, Angus Young's Artist Proof SG and Cliff Williams' Precision.

We highly recommend Studio 180 in the North of Paris, where our sound engineer friend Arnaud Bascunana - a fan of fine instruments himself - operates. But if you decide to go record at Abbey Road or Blackbird, we should be able to accommodate you.

Now's your time to play.

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