Fletcher just for you!

You may have noticed that Matt’s Guitar Shop greets many VIPs and major musicians who want to check out our special guitars. But we don’t want to keep those renowned guitar slingers for ourselves, which is why we’re starting a series of unprecedented and enthralling masterclasses.

And for our first guest, we couldn’t have dreamt of a classier player than Kirk Fletcher. He is a reserved man with a very impressive musical culture and his guitar playing is both understated and brilliant. Aside from his career as a solo bluesman, he also was part of the Fabulous Thunderbirds (Jimmie Vaughan’s band), he has been a sideman for Eros Ramazzotti and he was Joe Bonamassa’s rhythm guitar for a few tours, including the legendary Live At The Greek record in 2016. Needless to say, Fletcher is a man who knows a thing or two about the guitar.

Kirk’s masterclass will take place on Tuesday, the 25th of June in the evening, and the entry fee is 50 euros. For that price, you get a true blues guitar masterclass, all the way to the original roots, from Tal Farlow’s jazz to T Bone Walker’s jump, Chuck Berry’s rockabilly and Clapton or Kossoff’s British Blues. As an added bonus, Fletcher will play those licks on guitars that used to belong to those artists.

Attendance is limited to 30 guitar geeks, so sign up and don’t wait up!

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