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Supro Ozark 1560 1956


Supro was among the coolest guitar brands manufactured by the American music behemoth Valco in the fifties. Those guitars were cheap and have long been considered as pawnshop prizes, but they have a vibe all of their own, and they have the ability to sing with a very personal voice in the hands of a player that knows how to approach those oddities.

Among the many models made under the Supro brand, the 1560 holds a special place since it was Hendrix’s first electric guitar, the one that he used in the first bands he joined in the late fifties. He bought his from Myers Music in Seattle back in 1958, therefore this 1956 piece is very close to Jimi’s own.

Two details make this model extra cool: first, the finish is a pinstripe decoration made of a paper and plastic hybrid that is still very visible even though it has faded in some spots. Then, the pickup is especially desirable, since this is a very bulky horseshoe lapsteel model that is virtually identical to the one used by slide guitar god Ry Cooder on his main modified Strat, the world-famous Coodercaster, which has been copied many times by Cooder fans. This makes that Supro especially attractive to bottleneck players who will also enjoy the smaller neck and the highly resonant body.

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