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Supro Holiday 1965


The Chicago maker Valco is famous for its use of fiberglass, renamed Res-O-Glas as a marketing trick, to make some highly unusual guitars in the sixties for brands like Supro, National and Airline, including the famous JB Hutto model made famous by Jack White. Among the Res-O-Glass vintage guitars, some of them are quite easy to find, such as the Dual Tone or the Folkstar, but others are extremely rare and sought-after. The Holiday definitely belongs to the latter category, as it is the true white whale of vintage Supro lovers. Having been made for two years only in 1964 and 1965, they don’t come up for sale that often, especially not all clean and original.

This one is so clean it could almost pass for a reissue, if it weren’t for its very resonant unplugged sound typical of old Supros. Everything on there is original, from the Z bridge to the weird vibrato and the stenciled Vistatone single-coil pickup. Since this is a single-coil, what could possibly be the purpose of the three-way switch? No split or out-of-phase trickery here, but three different sets of capacitors that allow you to get a darker and a brighter sound from the one pickup, not unlike Gibson’s varitone or Gretsch’s mud switch. The three knobs on the upper side control the volume for each position of the switch (a clever feature actually), and the knob next to the switch is a master volume. A weird rare guitar for the leftfield collector and connoisseur.

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