Springer Seraph V.N.S. Burst


Mikael Springer is a highly talented luthier that has been working out of Lorraine, France, for ten years. Even though he works a few thousand miles from Kalamazoo, he is one of the builders who has really captured the spirit of the great American guitars without doing simple replicas. You would need to check your eyesight if you can mistake this Seraph for a Les Paul, and yet the two have more in common than it seems.

The top is Michigan maple with the typical vintage curve, the fretboard is rosewood, the scale length is short and the Häussel ‘59 pickups are clearly PAF-inspired. But the Seraph shape is a little smaller and more gracious, and its body is cedro mahogany, a variety whose weight and tone makes it much closer to the great old ones.

This Seraph V.N.S. was ordered by Matthieu Lucas back when he was the owner of 9-0600. Behind this innocent-looking serial number is a magnificent Burst, a 1959 Les Paul Standard referenced in the two important books on the topic (Beauty Of The Burst and Burst Believers). It was Matt’s first Burst before he became the owner of Spot, his current Burst. Therefore, Mikael decided to replicate the special sunburst found on 9-0600, a lemonburst with a nice red spot below the pickup switch. The true connoisseurs call that remaining red stain “hand tag shadow”.

To makes things even more perfect, Springer has found a maple top that closely resembles the beautiful flamed top of the original. The end result is a unique guitar, a tribute to a legendary vintage piece by a luthier at the top of his game.

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