Martin 000-28 1928


Before the transition to the “modern” body in 1933, the body of the 000-28 met the neck at the twelfth fret and had a beautiful figure-8 shape that was narrower and finer than when that joint was moved up to the fourteenth. And the difference is not just aesthetic: this shape also allows the bridge to be placed at the most resonant point on the top of the body. .

This magnificent little guitar dates from 1928 (a 000-28 from ‘28!), when the Martin logo was on the back of the head, rather than the much more conspicuous version on the front. In this model, we can admire the famous herringbone binding around the top, the openwork headstock, as well as the diamond fingerboard markers. Of course, the 28 series has a rosewood body (as opposed to the mahogany body of the 18 series), and at the time it was the famous Rio variety, whose warm waves on the back are immediately recognisable.

This 000-28 has come a long way and has lost most of the features that would make it worthwhile to a scrupulous collector: the machine heads have been replaced, as have the bridge and saddles, it has been revarnished, and even the fingerboard has been replaced. In other words, only the wood of the body and neck of the original guitar remains, but that is enough to give this superb instrument an unparalleled sound. Every guitarist with a well-trained ear who had the chance to play on this Martin immediately fell in love with it, for its strong character, both dry and warm, very close to the human voice and deeply inspiring. A little sofa guitar with personality to spare.

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