Gibson Les Paul Gold Fort Knox Limited Edition


Fort Knox is an American military camp in Kentucky where the federal government keeps its gold reserve. It is therefore one of the places with the greatest concentration of gold in the world, and a fort that is famous for its security system. Once you know that, it is easy to understand the concept behind this limited edition (only 150 pieces worldwide). The Fort Knox is the most luxurious Les Paul in Gibson history, the most ostentatious in its use of gold and golden parts.

To put it simply everything that can be golden is golden. The finish for starters, not even a Gold Top but a Bullion Gold. Therefore, instead of having only the top finished in gold (the back of the body and the neck stay natural on a Gold Top), everything is golden, including the back of the headstock.

The golden Bigsby, golden tuners, golden pickup covers or golden knobs were to be expected, but Gibson also managed to make a golden pickguard, golden pickup rings, a golden output jack, a golden pickup switch… even golden frets! Impossible to top. The decorations are Les Paul Custom-level with the diamond logo on the headstock and block inlays on the fretboard. Beyond its amazing visual statement, the Fort Knox is a great Les Paul on which two Tribute 59 pickups give a pure vintage sound.

Lastly, the Bigsby was set up with a String Spoiler Vibramate, a small accessory that shows Gibson’s attention to details. This allows you to change your strings without the usual nightmare that a Bigsby can produce. Smart as a security system in Fort Knox.

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