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Gibson Les Paul Custom Signature Ex Zakk Wylde Collection


Magnetic and vibrant with its concentric lines, this superb Le Paul bewitches as much by its warm and assured notes as by its explosive visual. Developed by the Gibson Custom Shop for guitarist Zakk Wylde, this is a beautiful series that borrows from the Les Paul to build a precise, percussive and original looking instrument. This guitar was a personal gift from Wylde to Leslie West, the legendary frontman of the band Mountain.

As an innovative and gifted musician, Wylde has developed his own playing techniques that he has perfected over the years on models developed closely with Gibson. Their fruitful partnership has seen them produce several signature models, the most famous of which is the famous Les Paul Bullseye. This guitar which has become Wylde's visual signature actually borrows a pattern of circles centered on the center EMP pickup, just above the bridge, turning the table into a magnetic target. The eye is naturally drawn to the body of the guitar where all the magic of Zakk Wylde is played...

But beyond having shaped a model that is aesthetically satisfying and immediately identifiable, Wylde also built it according to his needs. The maple body offers a massive feel and unshakeable control, the neck allows for beautiful acrobatics, and the presence of progressive knobs completes a reliable and efficient mechanics and a good distribution of the masses. The EMG pickups confirm the very particular potential of this Les Paul which hides its game well. The Les Paul / EMG couple works perfectly and confirms the unique place of this guitar in the Gibson catalog. A model between modernity and classicism!

The model offered by Matt's Guitar Shop is quite exceptional: it was offered by Zakk Wylde to Leslie West. The two musicians had developed a sincere relationship over the years, and Wylde has long emphasized the seminal role played by Leslie West in the development of the heavy metal sound. Their mutual respect was great, and Wylde was quick to pay tribute to the man who was one of his major influences.

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