Gibson Les Paul Custom 1970


Whether it be James Hetfield, Steve Jones, Mick Ronson, Randy Rhoads, The Edge or Frank Zappa, most of the rock stars we associate with the mighty Les Paul Custom actually play later-day models instead of the pre-1961 originals.

The reasoning behind that is double: first, rock stars don’t start their career as collectors (even though most of them end up becoming exactly that) and they usually go for the cheaper option, but there is also something to be said for the sonic personality of the first Custom reissues from the late sixties and early seventies. The original Custom from the late fifties was all mahogany, whereas the reissues were mahogany with a maple top, which actually makes them closer to the sound most people associate with a good Les Paul.

And this one is a good Les Paul, without the shadow of a doubt: it was made in 1970, when the stocks of wood available at Gibson were still pretty great, and it has been heavily used without being compromised: the pickups were changed to P90s at some point but the original humbuckers are back in their rightful spot, the nut has been changed even though the original is still available, the binding might have been glued back since there is a slight cut in it near the bottom strap button, two pots have been changed, the very cool witch hat knobs are repros and the neck has been painted over at the back (in black over black of course, but this is still visible).

All in all, this is a very sexy Black Beauty, with original waffle back tuners, a great guitar that used to belong to a studio manager, and has therefore been played on a number of high-profile rock albums made in France.

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