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Gibson Les Paul Custom 1969 Ex Billy Duffy

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Throughout the 80s and 90s, The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy made his mark on alternative rock with his use of memorable melody lines, swirling effects and screaming feedback. From the first records of the English band, he built a very distinctive sound of punk and rock riffs. Billy Duffy is one of those guitarists who have created a signature sound that is quickly recognizable, in his case with a dark and mystical atmosphere.

With each passing song and album, the guitarist has garnered critical acclaim and has come to be regarded as a guitarist of the first rank. Alongside the Gretsch, the Gibson Les Paul quickly became a key ally for the guitarist in composing incisive and effective songs.

This 1969 Gibson Les Paul custom shop is exceptional: it was personally owned by Billy Duffy who used it daily. It is a rare specimen that illustrates Billy Duffy's taste and talent for finding and appreciating remarkable instruments. In addition to its extraordinary pedigree, it is a superb custom Les Paul that sounds divine. No doubt it inspired Billy Duffy some hits when it was in his hands!

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