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Gibson Les Paul 1958 Mark Knopfler Production Sample


Back in 1985, Mark Knopfler was on top with his multi-platinum selling band Dire Straits, but he was looking for a new sound, away from the trademark snap of his ‘61 Strat. Original ‘Bursts were a very expensive proposition even back then, so he decided to buy a Les Paul reissue made in 1983, and used it to record a few sonic highlights of the Brothers in Arms album, including the timeless “Money for Nothing” riff.

Ten years later, still inspired by the sound of the Les Paul, he splurged in a major way, buying not only one but two original ‘Bursts, a 1959 and a 1958. The former may be considered to be the most desirable years, but Knopfler tends to favour the latter, which he used to record Golden Heart and took on tour on numerous occasion.

Mark Knopfler


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