Gibson J-185 Ex Robin Le Muserier - "Bruce"

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In the collection of a guitarist of Robin Le Mesurier's caliber, acoustic models are imperative. The most rocking concerts always reserve a place for suspended moments which conveys emotion and which allows the introduction of the musicians. This Gibson electro-acoustic guitar confirms this rule. It was used extensively by Robin Le Mesurier on stage, notably alongside Johnny Hallyday.

It is a Gibson J-185 from 2003. The top is made of dark brown spruce; the back, sides and neck are made of maple, while the fingerboard is made of inlaid ebony. The headstock features the crown inlay and the "Bruce" label, which is the instrument's nickname. The guitar contains builtin pickups and a preamp EQ. In superb condition, it offers a rich and a powerful sound.

Robin Le Mesurier enjoyed to rename his instruments and gave them special attention. This guitar being no exception to the rule.

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Robin Le Muserier

With his legendary English discretion and elegance, Robin Le Mesurier firmly established himself as the rhythmic pillar of Johnny Hallyday and Rod Stewart. Talented musician in the shadow of illustrious names, he built unifying anthems and he sporadically took the spotlight when he was presented on stage by his companions.

In 2000, he was the one who started the unleashed notes of Allumez le feu at the Champ de Mars in front of more than 500,000 people. All over these years, he was also the one who initiated the first notes of the ballads during the Taulier's concerts on his acoustic guitar - like a welcome break between a few riffs of pure rock and roll.

Robin Le Mesurier was Johnny Hallyday's most faithful sidekick. He became the right-hand man and the sincere friend of the singer in 1994. During all these years, it is more than 20 years of passionate collaboration which let millions of people enjoy the touch of the guitarist all over Europe.

Recognized and solicited for his British phlegm and for his precise and applied touch, Robin Le Mesurier was appreciated by his peers. Friend of the greatest, he had played with Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones and with Rod Stewart with whom he worked for a long time in the mid-1980s. It is not less than four albums they created together. Through this collaboration, his compositions made him known throughout the world and made him a guitarist in great demand.

In 1994, his fruitful partnership with Johnny Hallyday began on the album Rough Town, for which he composed two tracks. From then on, Le Mesurier became the official musician of the famous singer. For twenty-three years, he was on all his tours and shows. He accompanied him until his death, playing in the Madeleine Church in Paris in December 2017 for his funeral. Their complicity and unfailing friendship was palpable every night on stage, especially when the time was come for Johnny Hallyday to introduce his musicians, including his "fidèle ami" Robin loyally placed at his right.

Robin Le Mesurier shared the same dreams of America Johnny Hallyday had. A few weeks before his death, he was still promoting the documentary on the last American tour of the Taulier at his home, in Los Angeles, where he died peacefully in December 2021.

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