Gibson Custom Les Paul Slash 1958 First Standard VOS


Some guitars are historic, and some others are multi-historic, since they have several claims to fame that will mesmerize any player. For starters the 8-3096 is a 58 Burst, which would be enough to justify some level of fascination. Moreover, itw owner is none other than Slash, the guitar hero who, as part of the Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, has brought the Les Paul back in style and made it cool for several generations of fans. Finally, it is the guitar presented by Gibson at the 1958 NAMM Show to introduce the new Les Paul Standard, which means 8-3096 was the first Standard ever made, and the first one to be built with a two piece center seamed top.

It was only logical that this Les Paul with such an amazing pedigree would be released as a replica by Gibson, which they did in 2017. That reissue is one of the VOS Vintage Gloss versions, which means it has not been used at the factory and it has not been signed by Slash. Everything that makes this guitar special is here though, like a very special shade of sunburst with a nice red spot on the upper bout, or the Alnico III pickups (with a coverless bridge pickup a la Jimmy Page). That version was made for those who want the guitar but think that having it aged and signed does not justify paying double. Whether you’re a Slash fan or not, this is an amazing Burst with an amazing story.

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