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Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom Alpine White


It all began with musicians who were in love with their Black Beauty Les Paul Custom but wanted to give it a different look by sanding the finish down to the raw wood. The image of Mick Ronson with his natural Les Paul Custom by David Bowie’s side as part of the Spiders From Mars has become legendary, and it has inspired none other than Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols and Randy Rhoads.

Following that, Gibson started making the Custom in various finishes, and the Alpine White became the beautiful negative of the classic Black Beauty. It’s been played in that version by Mick Jones (The Clash) and James Dean Bradfield, the Manic Street Preachers singer.

That beautiful Custom, as white as a snowy morning, has all the specs of the modern version of that model, the one used among others by Zakk Wylde. The body has been chambered to make it easier to play for hours than the notoriously heavy Customs of the seventies, the slim neck profile allows a fast and virtuosic playing, the fretboard is Richlite for a very soft touch, and the pickups are the classic duo 490 / 498, a nice pair that always works for big juicy overdrive. If you’re looking for a beautiful Custom but your musical tastes are not stuck in 1960, that Alpine White is the ideal candidate.

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