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Fender Telecaster Blackguard 1954


Among the great myths of music is the Telecaster Blackguard, this inimitable guitar that corresponds to the first generation Telecaster manufactured between 1950 and 1954 by the American brand. A true legend, these Tele guitars are as rare as they are exceptional. The majestic combination of the bakelite pickguard screwed onto a body in the now legendary "butterscotch blonde" color has placed this guitar in the pantheon of iconic instruments alongside the other legend, the Gibson Burst.

Before it became an object of desire, the Telecaster Blackguard struggled to find immediate success. The guitar was then available in a unique shade of "butterscotch blonde" that can vary depending on the sun exposure of the instrument, its storage and the care taken in applying the finish. These Blackguard Telecasters have several features that make them so special. First, the body of these instruments is made of swamp ash, a type of wood found in the southern United States. Because of the micro-cavities in the ash, the guitar is light and has a different and very special resonance. In addition, the neck of the Blackguard is made of maple. After 1954, Leo Fender installed white pickguards on the Telecasters, slowly installing the myth of the Blackguard in the legend. Because of their central place in music history, these guitars have been reissued several times, as a way to celebrate the magic that surrounds the first Telecasters.

This 1954 Tele Blackguard is one of the very few produced between 1951 and 1954 by Fender. In a striking state of preservation, it combines all the characteristics that forged its legend: its all original pickups and its butterscotch blond finish with a patina of age which is even more sublimated by its Blackguard. An absolutely magical guitar that made the great history of music to discover at Matt's Guitar Shop!

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