Fender Duo Sonic 1958


The Duo Sonic is one of the instruments designed by Fender in the 1950s to appeal to young beginners. But since then, many musicians have realised that these small guitars with their very short scale-length and snappy pickups had a personality of their own and that they were simply fun to play. Not necessarily the kind of instrument that makes you feel like an untouchable rock god, but a daily companion that’s not so easy to put down once you have it in your hands.

This superb 1958 specimen has the finest finish for this model, the famous Desert Sand with its anodised aluminium pick guard. The maple on the neck is abnormally flamed. At the time, this visual anomaly was not particularly sought after, so ones that feature it are now extremely rare.

It has all its original parts, and the only modification looks like a nose in the middle of the face, formed by the three self-adhesive letters that decorate the top. In the same type of font as the Martin “Elvi” or the Bonamassa “Har” Strat. The three letters are DHA, probably the initials (with middle name, as always in the United States) of an owner anxious not to confuse it with a friend’s Duo Sonic. These three letters are enough to give a mysterious story to an already extraordinary guitar.

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