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Gibson Skylark 1963

Matt's Collection

Among the range of lap steel guitars manufactured by Gibson, the Skylark holds a special place as the perfect tool for ambitious beginners.

Beginners could find it a useful tool, especially thanks to the numbered fingerboard instead of the usual simple markers. An ideal solution to avoid confusing the 12th and 15th frets! This model was produced between 1956 and 1968 and has features that have since become associated with highly coveted guitar models: korina, a wood that has become very popular since it can be found on the first vintage Flying Vs and Explorers (the Skylarks date from the same period, their korina comes from the same magic stock!), as well as the steel Gibson logo attached to the head, a stylish touch that this lap steel shares with the 1958 Flying V. Moreover, this logo can often be found for sale as an overpriced vintage spare part, hence the rarity of the entirely original Skylark, like this very beautiful one from 1963.

Everything is there, from Melody Marker pickups to “reflector knobs” (again, often sold as spare parts to refit, for example, vintage SGs), the logo, and the barely scratched pick guard. No excuses, as they say in Kalamazoo!

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