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Gibson SG Junior 1963 Factory Black

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Ordering a Gibson model in Factory Black in the 1960s required a special request to the factory, and of course added to the price tag. At the time, the SG Junior was seen as a low-end model for beginners only, extremely simple in its decoration and features.

So the idea of upgrading such a plain guitar and making it nearly as expensive as the SG Special seems very unlikely. For that reason, factory black SG Juniors are extremely difficult to come by, especially in good condition, as not all past owners have necessarily understood the treasure they were dealing with.

All of which makes this poor man’s “Black Beauty” a precious rarity. The stripped-down features of this guitar are an exercise in soberness, one that makes you wonder why it was not usually sold in this colour, since it suits it so well. Only the machine heads and the frets have been changed, the rest of the parts are the original ones: the single P90 pickup, the bridge, and especially its bewitching black finish.


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