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Gene Simmons Bass HandPainted by Gene-Himself

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As one of the most successful and iconic bands in the history of music, Kiss is recognizable by all. The band's eccentric, colorful look of armor and makeup has established them as cultural icons over the decades, collecting hits and impressive performances. Their hallucinatory faces spearheaded glam rock, and they put their sense of show at the heart of stunning concerts. Among the four musicians dressed in black and white, the "God of thunder" is unleashing with his demonic makeup on the bass. His weapon? A formidable "punisher" delivering the most infernal riffs...

The bass model soberly nicknamed "The Punisher" has accompanied Gene Simmons on the biggest stages in the world since the 1990s. Designed to his specifications, the bass has a shape that has become inseparable from the God of Thunder: the two horns highlighted in white. This bass model is the sum of all the characteristics that Gene Simmons likes to find on a bass. Particularly appreciated by the musician, it has been declined several times over the years to accompany the most sensational tours of Kiss around the world (Punisher in mirror finish, then in flame red finish, before the famous black model highlighted with white).

This example of the Punisher is quite exceptional. It is unique and has been hand painted by Gene Simmons - the "God of Thunder" himself - on the table and titled and signed on the back. The face of a ferocious dragon emerges from the mics to triumph on the left side, wildly sticking out its tongue. The creature comes forward, as if straight from the underworld, ready to attack with its sharp teeth. As for the bass, it takes up Gene Simmons' stage specificities, with the hooks and the picks fixed along a strip dressing the sides of the instrument. A true work of art decorated and signed by the God of Thunder... Only at Matt's Guitar Shop!

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