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In the American rock horizon, Rival Sons occupies an energetic place, ardently defended on stages around the world with screaming electric guitars and riffs. Out of this picture emerged the charismatic Scott Holiday, the band's rhythmic leader and pillar of driving solos. But what would a rock band be without quiet, mellow and more melancholy ballads? On the acoustic front, the guitarist is a fan of Yamaha guitars. This beautiful LL56 was part of Scott Holiday's arsenal on the road: it's a prototype that was used for several years to accompany Rival Sons songs.

Amongst the acoustic guitars made by Yamaha, the LL56 is a truly exceptional instrument. Its excellent tone and clear volume have convinced many artists to grab it for melodic performances. This beautiful Custom Shop model pays homage to the entire L series of the Japanese brand with a Deluxe version. The guitar offered by Matt's Guitar Shop is a prototype of the LL56 released in 2011. With a solid spruce top, this guitar has a solid rosewood back and sides while the inlays are made of abalone. It offers great dynamics and exceptional playability. Scott Holiday has played this very guitar for many years in recording and on stage, signing it on the headstock. Note also the label stuck on the back of the headstock indicating the tuning desired by the Rival Sons guitarist... A great guitar ready to go on the road available at Matt's Guitar Shop !

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