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Impressive instruments with a very particular aesthetic, the double neck guitars have quickly gone beyond the status of object of curiosity to become the prerogative of the most technical and talented musicians. Indistinguishable from Dantean rock songs, these amazing instruments have become objects of worship as mysterious as they are magical. Among the guitarists who have made them their trademark, Jimmy Page and Slash rub shoulders with Richie Sambora. Bon Jovi's guitarist has taken full advantage of the possibilities offered by these instruments with their exceptional harmonic potential to the point of using them on several albums and at each of his concerts. Two of these unusual instruments can be discovered at Matt's Guitar Shop. Specially designed for Richie Sambora, they have all the characteristics of these mythical guitars that are exceptional on the music scene. This double neck Taylor acoustic is a fantastic instrument and is one of a series of three guitars produced for Richie Sambora.

Richie Sambora is one of those virtuoso musicians who have rocked stadiums with the power of his hands alone. As Bon Jovi's guitarist, he worked his magic behind the guitar every night to thrill the crowds with the American band's biggest hits and solos. Along with his guitar skills, Richie Sambora has developed a keen knowledge of instruments and a special love for unusual pieces. It's only natural that he's made double neck guitars a major part of his touring arsenal. These guitars, with their superior harmonic richness, were an ideal match for Richie Sambora's ambitious compositions, as he could change his sound without changing his instrument. It is difficult to be more associated with these extraordinary instruments than Richie Sambora: the inimitable Ovation, the warm-sounding Taylor, the legendary Telecaster - all double neck - or the very impressive triple neck Ovation from Moscow. He surrounded himself with a multitude of pieces, both acoustic and electric, that met his highest standards.

This Taylor double neck Richie Sambora Signature Koa is an acoustic guitar of an exceptional quality specially designed for the guitarist. It is in direct line with the complex and demanding instruments that make up his ranks. Always seeking a wide range of sounds, he has surrounded himself with the best to design and produce technically and musically remarkable guitars: this Taylor meets all these criteria. It is an exceptional guitar with a clear, warm and precise sound combining a twelve string lower neck and a six string lower neck. Made entirely of koa, it offers an exceptional flamed back with a mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard. Making this guitar was such a technical challenge that the Taylor luthiers decided to make only three. Richie keeps one, the other was given to producer and friend of Richie Sambora Bob Rock, and the last one is available at Matt's Guitar Shop. This Taylor is an absolutely extraordinary guitar that was played by Richie and has a striking resonance and clarity. A truly exceptional guitar available at Matt's Guitar Shop!

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Richie Sambora


Band : Bon Jovi
Main guitar : Fender Stratocaster signature
Compulsory listening : Livin’ On A Prayer

Such is the history of rock: for every Mick Jagger, there is a Keith Richards. For every Steven Tyler, there is a Joe Perry. For every Robert Plant, a Jimmy Page. For every superstar that gets the crowd going, there is a moody, infinitely cool guitar player that has the singer’s back and only takes the front of stage for quick assaults of thirty seconds.

Richie Sambora joined the New Jersey band Bon Jovi in 1983, a few months after its creation. Right from the start, Sambora’s playing and personality perfectly matched the image of founding singer Jon Bon Jovi. Together, they created a songwriting duo that would come up with hard rock classics that remain mainstays of every radio station playlist. The true explosion happened in 1986 with the Slippery When Wet album, on which Sambora co-wrote nine out of ten songs, including mega-singles Livin’ On A Prayer, You Give Love A Bad Name and Wanted Dead Or Alive. The guitar hero’s virtuosic, precise and energetic playing are in full force on that album. Sambora has integrated Van Halen’s influence to his style like any soloist of the time, but he added his personal twist to it. His talent for arranging can be head on the twelve-string parts of Wanted…, the pitch shifted solo to You Give Love A Bad Name or the talkbox for Livin’ On A Prayer.

After the release of the album, the band gets huge and starts touring around the world for sold-out crowds of entranced fans. Bon Jovi’s genius is that they achieved mainstream success at several points in their career, which makes them relevant to several generations of fans. They once again topped the charts with Always in 1994, then with It’s My Life (co-written by Sambora too) in 2000. That last song earned them a new audience that still follows them to this day.

A victim of his demons, Sambora had to quit the band in 2013 in the middle of one more world tour. Since then, he has launched the RSO band with his ex Orianthi. Over time, he seems more and more interested in the Telecaster and the Esquire, whereas he was the poster boy for superstrats in the glory days of Bon Jovi. Sambora’s musical future probably has a few great surprises in store.

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