Pensa MK1 Diet Cadillac Green


Who else than Mark Knopfler can claim to have infused blues and rock with a fresh, new swing that heralds a unique sound? With Dire Straits, the legendary English guitarist has crafted timeless hits built on melodic, confident riffs that he magnifies with a distinctive, instantly recognizable sound. While the red Stratocaster is an essential part of his arsenal, Mark Knopfler has built up a wide range of references, revealing his extensive knowledge of music. He quickly forged close ties with Pensa, with whom he has created some top-quality signature models. The MK1, originally designed by luthier John Suhr, reflects Mark Knopfler's quest for a perfect, uncluttered sound. This one, in a Diet Cadillac Green finish, is a fine example of a Pensa MK1 Custom.

At the time of its creation with luthier John Suhr, the Pensa MK1 (then called "Pensa-Suhr" MK1) was considered by Mark Knopfler to be an exceptional guitar, ideally suited to his needs as a demanding and perfectionist guitarist. He made it his signature model for several tours and recordings, elevating it for fans to the status of a mythical instrument endorsed by the master. This Pensa MK1 Custom is a remarkable all-rounder in every register: from Dire Straits to more fiery musical styles. It offers a typical sound, full of harmonics and beautiful mids, yet is clear and precise. The MK1 Custom is a very playable guitar, offering a formidable playing comfort. It features TV Jones pickups and a two-tone green finish, offering a darker hue on the back of the top enhanced by gold hardware.

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