Pensa MK 80 Burgundy Mist


Among the guitarists who have shaped music in their own image, establishing their touch and sound at the heart of the musical landscape, is the unflappable Mark Knopfler. This musician of genius, who made the Stratocaster's heyday, has built up an absolutely unique sound over the years that has become his legend. While his image is undeniably linked to his red Stratocaster, emblematic of his early days with Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler went on to make a name for himself with Custom models from Pensa. Their guitars quickly became part of his daily equipment, culminating in signature models featuring the technical specifications decided by Mark Knopfler, Rudy Pensa and John Suhr. The Pensa MK-80 is the result: a modernized Stratocaster-style guitar. This MK-80 Custom Burgundy Mist offers a beautiful acid finish to an efficient and versatile model.

Mark Knopfler teamed up with Pensa back in the late 1980s to design cutting-edge signature models. The MK-80 has superb features and is an example of playability. All Pensa's expertise is reflected in this electric guitar, which offers a balanced and complete solution. The MK-80 offers a very comfortable playing experience, as well as a remarkable level of finish, while equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups. Its Burgundy Mist finish, in a tangy and punchy pink, makes the Pensa Custom MK-80 a desirable guitar with great playability and efficiency.

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