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Nik Huber is among the finest luthiers alive today, and his team of eight do build stellar guitars out of Germany, very close to Frankfurt. Starting in 1996, Huber has made a few highly ornate guitars not unlike what Paul Reed Smith or Joel Dantzig have designed. But Nik Huber also has a knack for applying his know-how, his finesse and precision to simpler designs, guitars that are closer to a Les Paul Junior than a Standard, but still need to sound amazing and be very wellbuilt in spite of their spartan appearance.

This is how the Krautster II model came to be, with specs that evoque a Les Paul Special seen through the eyes of the German genius: the body is just mahogany with no maple top, but surprisingly enough the set neck is made of maple. The hybride PRS-like scale length is 25”, right in between Gibson and Fender, and the non-adjustable wraparound bridge guarantees a perfect transmission of vibrations from the strings to the body. The model proposed by the Matt's Guitar Shop is exceptional. It belonged to the legendary American rock band Steely Dan, composed of Donald Fagen and the no less legendary Walter Becker. A great sounding piece with a prestigious heritage!

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