Lorenzi John Mayer Black One Tribute

2.950 €

In the circle of guitar prodigies, John Mayer occupies a special place. A true child prodigy of the six-string instrument, he has established himself on the contemporary music scene as an inventive, technical and virtuoso guitarist appreciated by the most ardent guitar lovers. John Mayer was quick to seize upon historical models, before developing his signature guitars with Fender and then PRS. Among these, the Black One is a remarkable exception. This Lorenzi Black One Tribute is an impressive luthier's guitar paying tribute to John Mayer's Black One, the guitar with such a distinctive history and look.

As an unconditional admirer of Stevie Ray Vaughan and his timeworn "Number One" guitar, John Mayer commissioned the Fender Custom Shop in 2004 to build a fake "heavy relic" by masterbuilder John Cruz. John Mayer followed this project closely to ensure a feel and look very close to his idol's guitar. The result is the famous "Black One", John Mayer's iconic guitar, which has accompanied him on the finest stages and in the best studios over the world. Amazed by the myth of this guitar, Italian luthier Lorenzi set about paying homage to this Stratocaster with its patina revealing the wood. Each guitar is handcrafted in his Italian workshops, where he painstakingly relics the varnish. The wood and pickups are carefully selected, and the top of the guitar pays striking homage to the original John Mayer Black One, both in sound and in the disturbingly lifelike visuals. Available at Matt’s Guitar Shop!

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