John Bolin Bass Gold "Crazy Cowboy Guitar" - Dusty Hill Collection


The rockers of ZZ Top have become legendary for their iconic beards, but above all for their rhythm, their sense of melody and their blues rock. Today, they have become absolute references in their genre and are among the great myths of contemporary music. In the trio formed by Frank Beard, Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, their style is matched only by their hits, which have spanned generations. Discovering live instruments played by one of the members of ZZ Top is always a moving opportunity to get close to their extraordinary sense of style, which has remained unrivalled in rock'n'roll until now. The basses in the Dusty Hill collection carry a touch of madness all their own, some of them matching their counterparts in the Billy Gibbons collection.

This bass is perfectly atypical in the Dusty Hill collection and brings together all the talent, eccentricity and daring of John Bolin, ZZ Top's resident luthier. Impressive, massive, dazzling... these are just some of the adjectives used to describe this extraordinary golden bass. ZZ Top have always enjoyed designing and playing on stage highly original instruments to match. It was not uncommon to see Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill playing identical instruments, the only difference being the number of strings. 

This bass is one of the joint projects created by their luthier John Bolin. Called the 'Crazy Cowboy Guitar', this creation is a sparkling archtop guitar with a Switchmaster-inspired body and Firebird Reverse headstock. It has a very impressive gold finish, offering some very pretty variations under the light.

This bass was made by John Bolin with his guitar version in all respects similar for Billy Gibbons. It was played live by Dusty Hill, who was also photographed holding this bass by Ross Halfin for the cover of the compilation album 'Rancho Texicano: The Very Best of ZZ Top'. The image not only appeared in the booklet that accompanied the compact disc, but was also printed on the discs themselves.

A piece of modern rock and blues history!

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