Ibanez Jem Bass - Dusty Hill Collection

9.500 €

Dusty Hill is one of the most respected and recognised musicians on the contemporary music scene. An iconic bassist with ZZ Top and a loyal accomplice of Billy Gibbons, he has imposed his own style of playing and shaped some of the greatest hits of the 21st century. On stage, Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons complemented each other's notes with a very similar style of dress and instruments. Many of their instruments were matched and built especially for them by their luthier John Bolin (as evidenced by the "Bug", the "Jelly Bean" and the "Crazy Cowboy Guitar ", all of which can be found at Matt's Guitar Shop). His status as a talented bassist also earned him the respect of his peers.

This acid-coloured Ibanez Jem bass is a true exception among Ibanez instruments. Designed on the model of the Jem invented by Steve Vai, this bass is one of the few, if not the only Jem bass in existence in the world. It was probably sent to Dusty Hill in his capacity as a renowned and talented bassist, who played and appreciated it. Finished in a distinctive Desert Sun Yellow, this bass is an extremely rare collector's item. It is an important example of the relationship between established musicians and manufacturers, as well as the status of Dusty Hill. It's an exceptional collector's item for any fan of rock and ZZ Top, but also for any collector of the Ibanez brand.

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