Gretsch Custom Shop Stephen Stern built Falcon - "Mayura" - Custom made for Scott Holiday (Rival Sons) studio and tour played


Discover this stunning Gretsch Falcon Custom Built by Stephen Stern, the flagship master builder at the Gretsch Custom Shop, made especially for Scott Holiday of Rival Sons. Imagined with all the mischief, inventiveness and style of the eccentric guitarist, this one-of-a-kind Falcon reveals its mysteries and magic behind its sunburst glitter finish.

A superb tribute to Gretsch's historic models, this guitar contains as many references to Scott Holiday's career as it does to the American brand. Based on the Falcon, it is here emblazoned with another bird: the peacock, a sacred bird in Hindu culture. It is nicknamed 'Mayura', the Sanskrit term for the majestic bird, whose markings can be found in several places on the guitar. From the pickguard to the fingerboard, via the headstock, the peacock returns to leave its mark on this guitar. But if this Falcon 'Mayura' is exceptional, it's also for its very 'Scottian' characteristics. The man who carries a patterned Mexican fabric like a precious talisman from concert to concert wanted his beloved motif to appear on the top of the instrument, behind the glittery sunburst finish. Stephen Stern's masterfully reworked guitar thus reveals two exceptional complementary finishes, transforming it from a pretty Falcon to an aesthetically stunning guitar.

Beyond his eccentric looks, Scott Holiday is also known as a demanding guitarist with many facets to his playing and technique. This Falcon is equipped with special pickups made by TV Jones at Scott Holiday's request: there are three of them, as opposed to the usual two on this kind of model, as well as various switches to give it great versatility.

This guitar was played a lot by Scott Holiday in the studio with Rival Sons during the writing and recording of the two albums 'DarkFighter' (2023) and 'Lightbringer ' (2023). It has also been played on tour , notably on the songs 'Bird in The Hand', 'Horses Breath', 'Redemption' and 'SweetLife'. This major instrument in the recent history of Rival Sons comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Scott Holiday detailing its fine history.

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