Gibson Thunderbird G2 Gene Simmons Ex Gene Simmons Kiss

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While KISS have just bowed out, their immense legacy is only just beginning to be measured. Discover here a piece of the End of The Road Tour history straight from Gene Simmons' rack. This G2 Thunderbird bass was modified, played extensively and signed by the God of Thunder on the last tour in their history.

KISS have rivalled each other in ingenuity to put on grandiose shows that serve up their energetic, infectious rock. In this extraordinary setting, their armour and make-up took their place alongside the pyrotechnic effects, and their instruments soon joined their costumes as personalised props that became actors on stage. If Paul Stanley made the Iceman his reference guitar, Gene Simmons also had his signature basses: from the Punischer bass to the astonishing Ax bass, not forgetting the more traditional Thunderbird G2.

This Thunderbird G2 bass was modified and played by Gene Simmons on KISS's End of The Road Tour. Based on his signature bass, it has undergone several modifications to sculpt it to suit his needs and playing preferences. The original pickups have been replaced with EMGs, two volume pots have been removed and plugged to leave just one, and the strap locks have been replaced with more brutal hooks. Finally, there are a number of signs of wear and tear that testify to its intensive use by the God of Thunder: in addition to the signs of wear and tear on the back, the bridge has been attacked and partly torn off by its very committed playing, as well as the strip of picks running along the body and several strips of black tape.

These numerous additions by Gene Simmons make it a very personal and historic instrument, taking into account the band's retirement and its marked use. This bass was picked up on the night of KISS's last concert in Paris in June 2022, hence the inscription "Rock N Roll All Nite for the Last Time". It is accompanied by its case, also autographed by Gene Simmons.

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