Gibson SG Les Paul Standard 1962

9.500 €

The second half of the twentieth century was a time of fierce competition between guitar manufacturers as they tried to impose their models as the undisputed references on the music scene. The famous Telecaster, Stratocaster and Les Paul appeared one after the other, revolutionizing the hierarchy of electric instruments. In 1961, the famous SG was born, the famous solid body guitar with a double cutaway in cherry finish which the greatest guitarists would seize. This beautiful 1962 Gibson SG Les Paul Standard was one of the very first production months of the model, which would soon become one of the benchmark guitars in music history.

When the SG was introduced, it was given a new, modern design that revolutionized what had been known until then. It features a mix of bevels, points and corners made from a single piece of solid mahogany that Gibson's craftsmen have transformed into a slim and elegant shape. The horns of the cutaway form two graceful spikes that would become the signature of AC/DC guitar legend Angus Young years later. The bevels bring a refined look and are one of the characteristics of the SG top.

The 1962 SG Les Paul Standard offered by the Matt's Guitar Shop is an early production SG guitar. The headstock is inscribed "Les Paul" with the Gibson logo and a thistle ornament below. The top and the neck are finished in the cherry red that would become iconic on the SG and the rosewood fingerboard has trapezoidal markings. This exceptional example has all the characteristics of the very first models: it is equipped with a small pickguard (which will be replaced in 1967 by a large screwed pickguard which also serves as a pickup holder), a Maestro type vibrato with lateral action which will be replaced in 1963 and the Les Paul stamp which ends in 1963. A mythical guitar from the very early months available at Matt's Guitar Shop!

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