Gibson SG Junior 1964 Ex Incubus

5.900 €

Among the veterans of American rock, Incubus are one of the bands who have consolidated their major place in the minds and charts over the years. The Californians have been playing together since high school, and have made a name for themselves through hard work and relentless touring. True to their rock roots, but open to influences from metal and grunge, Incubus have built up a varied and catchy repertoire forged by effective riffs. This 1964 Gibson SG Junior was part of this energetic rock: it was part of guitarist Mike Einziger's touring arsenal, who played it on the 2008 "Light Grenades" tour after modifying it.

The Californian band Incubus quickly made a name for themselves with their punchy and energetic rock. Led on guitar by Mike Einziger, Incubus climbed the charts to become a benchmark of American rock. In addition to his role as instrumental mainstay, Einziger is renowned for his collaborations with a wide range of musicians, including Pharrell Williams, Hans Zimmer and Avicii. On his recent tours, Mike Einziger played a Gibson SG Junior modified to suit his needs. This guitar, used on the 2008 tour for the "Light Grenades" album, is available from Matt's Guitar Shop. It's a 1964 Gibson SG Junior that he modified to compensate for his carpal tunnel syndrome and to give it a more versatile profile. An additional P-90 neck pickup and a pickup selector were added, while the neck was shaved down. Einziger needed a more comfortable guitar for touring after his operation. This beautiful augmented 1964 SG was signed on the table by Mike Einziger with the inscription "Incubus 2009", having been played throughout the 2008 tour. An exceptional guitar crafted for the needs of Mike Einziger and Incubus, to be discovered exclusively at Matt's Guitar Shop!

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