Gibson Explorer Custom Sparkle Silver Ex Matthias Jabs Scorpions

15.000 €

Few guitars have maintained their unusual status over time. The Gibson Explorer, however, is one such guitar, with its sharply angled body, which revolutionized the previously accepted shapes of guitars with a bold and futuristic proposal. Introduced in 1958, the lightning bolt guitar struggled to find its place in the vast landscape of electric guitars, but over time it became an instrument appreciated and sought after by talented musicians. Raging, aggressive and radical, the Explorer has become a visual as well as a sonic signature for artists who love massive and precise sounds. One of the artists who made the Explorer famous is Matthias Jabs, the legendary guitarist of the German band Scorpions. This glittery Explorer is a one-off built by the Gibson Custom Shop especially for Matthias Jabs.

When the Gibson Explorer appeared in the late 1960s, it was a tidal wave in the guitar market. No one had ever imagined such clean and aggressive shapes as their sound. After several years of dislike, the Explorer was adopted by several major artists who reminded us how unique this design was. Matthias Jabs is one of them. His use of Explorer guitars is inseparable from his riffs in Scorpions: he helped establish this model as a hard rock reference. From his Gibson Explorers to his Dommenget models, Matthias Jabs has always shown his affection for the Explorer shape, which he uses in each of his signature models. The lightning bolt guitar is part of Matthias Jabs' arsenal, and has shaped the visual and sonic identity of the legendary hard rock band.

This Gibson Explorer Custom Shop is an exceptional guitar that was made specifically for Matthias Jabs. It is a guitar with many features that make it unique. First of all, its finish is remarkable. It is an Explorer in bright silver sparkle that reacts with magic to ambient light and stage lights. Secondly, the fingerboard markers are in imitation ruby, adding a very aesthetic detailed touch to an already beautiful guitar. Finally, the sparkle finish is complete and covers the entire neck of the guitar. This exceptional Gibson Explorer comes directly from the personal collection of Matthias Jabs. You can admire and find it at Matt's Guitar Shop!

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