Gibson ES 345 Sunburst 1964 One Owner


Among the legendary guitars developed by Gibson is the mythical ES range, which established semi-hollow body guitars on the world music scene. These guitars, with their superb f-holes and generous curves, have become a classic appreciated for their warm, woody tones and powerful and round character. Initiated by the ES-335, the range was further enriched by the arrival of its younger brother, the 345, introduced in 1959. The guitar offered by Matt's Guitar Shop is an exceptional 1964 ES-345 Sunburst, which has known only one owner since leaving the factory.

The Gibson ES-345 made a number of aesthetic and technical improvements over its predecessor and model, the 335. It was developed as a high-end version of the latter. Gibson designed this guitar with a through-body maple block, allowing the versatility of a full-body electric guitar. The ES-345 was marketed in three finishes: traditional sunburst, cherry, and natural. It features a semi-hollow body: the top and back wood is maple, and there's a maple center block that runs the length of the body to the mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard. The neck of the ES-345 features double parallelogram inlays, while the guitar features a stereo pickup configuration and Varitone circuitry. The latter allows players to vary frequencies and deepen their tones by experimenting with positions. This Gibson ES-345 is a superb example of 1964: its sunburst finish is perfectly preserved, and it delivers the warm and woody tones typical of the brand's ESs. It comes with a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. Having known only one owner, it is in a remarkable state of preservation. A superb vintage ES-345 to be discovered only at Matt's Guitar Shop!

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