Gibson ES 335 Special White 1967


Among Gibson's key models and the world's musical landscape, the ES is one of the glorious elders that made hollow-body guitars history. Launched in 1958, the ES-335 and ES-345 have become efficient and versatile classics highly coveted by musicians. These legendary guitars offer an exceptionally warm and woody sound, as well as great harmonic richness. A legion of legendary guitarists, including Eric Clapton and Chuck Berry, have turned to the ES-335 to establish this mythical guitar in the musical imagination. While ES-335 guitars are historically associated with sunburst and cherry red tops, the guitar offered by Matt's Guitar Shop is a rare exception. It's a 1967 ES-335 Special White, the only example in the world known to exist in white.

The ES-335 is one of the most important guitars in the history of music. A true archetype of the semi-hollow body, it is particularly versatile and can be used for all styles of music. It's a compromise between full-body models like the Les Paul, and hollow-body models like the ES-175. Its double-cutaway body gives access to the highest notes, and makes its design unique in the musical field. The guitar offered by Matt's Guitar Shop is an absolutely exceptional gem: it's the only original white Gibson ES-335 guitar known to exist to this day. Commissioned by a musician especially for his wedding at the end of 1966, this 335 Special White was delivered in 1967 for the happy occasion. With its striking aesthetic purity, this perfectly preserved guitar is a sensational piece. Its immaculate color highlights the ES-335's distinctive features: the two narrow f-shaped gills and harmonious curves. The black pickguard and the knobs reinforce the depth of the table's white, providing a remarkable balance of contrast. As well as being aesthetically superb, this 1967 ES-335 is original with all the characteristics of a vintage Gibson from the late 1960s. A unique collector's item to discover at Matt's Guitar Shop!

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